March 31, 2010

A lost friend

I thought she was my best friend
The best one I've ever had
Instead I found out the truth
And what I learned was sad
We still call each other friends
But I feel were far apart
Though we see each other every day
I have a broken heart
She has made new friends
And,I've made some too
We are talking less and less
And inside I am cold and blue
Each and every night I pray
That she will finally see
How much I want our friendship back,
And how much she means to me.

March 14, 2010


You're the raindrops that drench me..
You're the breeze after the summer heat..
You're the cloud to cover up all my worries..
You're the colour of my soul..
You're the one I waited for.


You're the cool breeze I'd been waiting for.
The first drop of rain that puts a smile on my face,
the fresh green tree that enthuses me,
the bird in the sky that takes my heart up in the air,
the scent of the soil that fills up my lungs,
you're the romance in the air, the aroma, the feel,
the anticipation of shower of love that engulfs my entire being.

You're my rainbow, you're my monsoon.