January 16, 2013


Cinderella; simple, hardworking, lonely soul, wooed by the Prince she goes for the Ball. With the charming Prince she dances & dines & drinks He mesmerizes her with his romance, his touch, a gaze and a kiss.. At the strike of the midnight walks away Cinderella The Prince bids her goodbye and the spell ends The dawn breaks as Cinderella waits Longs for the Prince to send her a love note.. There comes a message that she waited for so long Lust it was said he and now may be it'd gone.. Dont be serious, dont take it to your heart It was a moment, enjoy what we had Diaheartened and distraught, Cinderella cries Shows none of it to the deceiving Prince Her faith in love shakes, tells nothung to the Prince, When he asks her to forget, she says its clear Ripped off her innocence and belief in romance, The new age Cinderella relsolves to make it even She plans and plots to woo back the Prince This time she knows what to expect from him She primises herself to win over his love Only to dumphim when he gives her his soul As the night falls, she thinks to herself All she wanted was a fairytale She sees in her eyes dispise for the Prince Distrust grips her and leaves her incapable to feel love Hurt and wounded she goes to bed A choice to love or sin lies ahead The Prince she wants to spend her life with But knows without love nothing would be right A part of her still in love The other is planning to get even A decision undecided, she goes to bed Still hoping that her Prince would come back to her Dead in the night she wakes up with a start What if he was not her Prince at all She believed in love and her heart knew The real hero was waiting for her Her belief in love restored, she decides to call it even For she knows the real Prince would love her with all his hea Innocence died, obessession gripped and this is how today the modern Cinderella thinka Why should Cinderella sit in the Cinders weeping to heraelf? The wrong Prince better know that love isnt just a game. An incomplete fairytale dies in her tears.. As Cinderella gets ready to go back the Ball.. Dressed to impress and love in her eyes She wants to make sure the Prince falls for her He played his game and now it was her turn She would make him fall in love and set his heart to burn A game of hearts she will lead Until the real Prince comea by her side This time she'll know its her hero For she is loved and lost and learnt in life Cinderella I pity and also the Prince.. No one gets love and have nothing to win..

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