January 05, 2014


When I think of rains I think of you When I think of love you occupy me When I look up at the sky you are my prayer When I close my eyes, you are the dream You are my rainbow, the burst of colours in the winter skies You are the dew drop of my cold mornings.. You brought me joy, comfort, love and belongingness And from the high I came gurgling down... The sun set on me, and the trust faded away, you had another morning in a far away land... The dew drop dried and the rainbow vanished... the cold skies remain dark and unglistening... I still close my eyes and dream of you... still look up in the sky and pray for you. You gave me love and I am glad we met, for as long as I am I will keep the promises we made. I will love you forever and even after that because true love is loving in whichever way I can.

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