September 30, 2017

Sarcastically yours

I’ve made countless drafts wherein I’ve written a million times of my desire to write. I want to write something beautiful, mesmerizing piece of literature that would leave the reader speechless, touched and ecstatic. But I don’t know how. Every time the ink doesn’t flow so effortlessly after all. Every time the mesmerizing words don’t match the mood and thus overflows my dustbin with crumbled papers with half written dreams of a writer.

I have been doing some thinking and soul searching and I found that I don’t really have a deep, mysterious soul. I have a sarcastic one. Once I figured that out, the clouds parted and the light gushed in. Clean, clear and bright! I realised I don’t have to make others shed a silent tear after reading my essay or passage or a blog post because they experienced something magical or because it touched the most intimate part of their soul; the one that is active when you usually sit on an exotic and fancy beach with no bhelpuri walas and no plastic bags getting washed ashore in a far away land witnessing sunset on the last day of the vacation or when you’re walking on the shore bare feet with the moonlight melting at the horizon.. (yeah, I can write this stuff). They can read what I write and laugh or better still, roll their eyes.

Isn’t that the best compliment for sarcasm?

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