September 25, 2010

Once upon a time... I'd all the time in the world... to call up people and spend hours talking to them... Once upon a time I'd time to be online the whole day catching up with my friends, talking about everything we just spoke over the phone...

Back in college we all wanted to pass out really soon; to take up jobs and become independent.... now we are all that we wanted to be... but what we have sacrificed is our fun time with friends... Now we have to freeze a time, a week in advance to chat up on a con-call...

Times flies. Life goes on. One evening, a friend buzzes and coincidentally the entire group comes online just about at the same time. Talk of telepathy.... the chatter begins... no one's listening.. everyone is talking... laughing... shushing the others; trying to finish their stories.. the heart is let out.... the months of "you know what!!!" stories are shared... the mind lets out a silent sigh... the clock ticks off... its already Monday morning. Time to go. Surprisingly, the goodbyes are cheerful.. its a perfect way to spend the weekend. Though tired, the mind is fresh, ready to take on the week.

The heart isn't heavy, for it knows friends will catch up again... very soon!!


  1. ati chaan and true......tera dp kab sokar jaagega...waise bhi jyaada emotional mat hona, we will tell mannu ji n mtnl to cut down isd rates at which ur friends are settling abroad you have to do more itnl calls that locals calls........

  2. @Bhavna: Not sentimental re... aise hi likha... who is mannu ji?