January 29, 2011

Being in Love

I like being in Love
I am loving being loved

For I know I can share, talk and dream with you
and I finally found my reason to smile in you

I am glad I'm in love and its with you
I am crazy about everything you do

You are the answer to all my doubts
I am happy you love me in all my moods

I am so crazy..Oh so crazy for you
Cant wait to run to you arms
feel your love and kisses for long

You're hugs are so warm
just so perfect, so strong
and so cozy I'm in your arms

I am in love and so glad to be
'Coz its you who makes the world perfect for me

For I know you'll never leave my side,
and though you go miles apart
you'll come back to me and together we are

I am happy it happened
and I am in love with you
Life's been a dream
and I am gliding through...

For I know you love me like nobody would
and just so you know you rock my world!!

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